At Labelnames we are here to provide print, and assist you in a seamless workflow and support to your customers. The tab is to explain some of our processes.


We understand that customer art is often provided in a range of formats, and we can assist to adjust that art to suit, and we also provide graphic design for you where required. Ask for a checklist and download the art specification.

We need to know

  1. Final print size – is it a DL brochure, a sticker 200mm x 75mm, or a printed mug?
  2. Art colour requirements – are we matching some existing print? Send samples, or photos of them.
  3. Usage – is this to be used inside or outside? Any harsh environment requirements?
  4. Haven’t started? OK, Send a sketch with all the elements laid out in rough proportion, then we can provide a proof to show what can be done. Provide any logos or existing art that you have as we may be able to use them.

Download Artwork requirements


We can arrange distribution to the end user if required, via Direct Mail or Unaddressed Mail – we have full mailroom processing capacity and can handle all the liaison with Aust Post.

Product Selection

Sometimes it is an issue to select the correct label material to print on.

Consider the needs – is it indoor or outdoor? Indoor – all materials  Outdoors – all except papers. Polyesters and premium vinyls will last a lot longer

What durability do you need – 3 months or 7 years? We will choose the print method that fits your needs – and mention what colours you are using.


Each month we send a prepared email blast out that you can forward to your clientele – enabling you to easily promote your business services to all your clients. If you don’t get it now, register and ask for it.


We have an online quoting calculator on this site, but send all quotes to [email protected] for any special needs.